Marriage Records – Verify and Identify Someone by Their Marriage Record

Marriage Records – Verify and Identify Someone by Their Marriage Record


Marriage Records – I Now Pronounce You Mrs. Right! A perfect way to verify someone's identity. Did you recently get married? Congratulations! Now that you are back from the honeymoon, chances are you have some identity housekeeping to do. You need to update your social security number, update your driver's license, update your credit cards, get yourself added to your spouse's insurance and more.

If you want your new name listed on your important documents though, you are going to need something more than your shiny new wedding band and newlywed glow to prove to everyone that you are now a Mrs. Changing any of these things will require you providing copies of your marriage records.

Marriage records contain personal information that identifies you and establishes that on such and such a date you legally married your spouse, thereby becoming "Mrs. Right". Employers, insurers, creditors and government offices use this as a means to verify that you are now become, before updating anything. Your marriage license will list your maiden name, your date of birth and your social security number as well as other information which varies by state. Using this documentation, in conjunction with your current identification is the only way that you can legally update your records to reflect your married name.

There are many ways to obtain marriage records today. As a matter of public record, anyone can look up your marriage license. In the past, doing so would require going to the state and often even the county in which you were married and doing a public records search. Of course, if you were not sure what state or county someone was married in, they could well be divorced by the time that you found the information you were looking for. Today it is easier than ever, thanks to the internet. With powerful search engines that are tied into the public records databases of every state, a public records search can be completed in mere seconds.

Whether you are looking for your own marriage records or those of someone else, it has never been easier to find the information that you are looking for. For a small subscription cost you can easily find out whatever happened to the king and queen of your prom. Did they ever actually get married? You can find your 5th grade best friend, even though her last name is different now too. With a quick and easy records search, everyone is at your fingertips.


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