Gold Roses – "Beauty Lies in the Eye of the Beholder"

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It's true that, Love is something that begins from heart and shines in the eye. Let your loved ones know what you feel for them. For some its really easy to express through words but for some its just not possible to express through words.

Love is a feeling which has no restriction, you can love whoever you feel cares and believes in you, it can be your mother, father, sister or you life partner. One can even love themselves but do not be selfish. I do that, I appreciate all good things that I do which encourages me to continuously do good.

Appreciating your love or the one you love through gifts and cards is one of the common ways, but still very effective. If you notice, how a rose suddenly gains the most popularity when we have a rose day in college or especially when it's a Valentine day.

Everyone wishes to gift roses, as they are believed to be the best way to express ones feeling, each color has a special meaning to it, like red rose means love, yellow rose means friendship, etc. But what would a gold rose mean? Yes I am talking about a rose that is made of Gold. It sounds thrilling right, but I have really seen one it looks lovely. One of my friends had gifted to his wife on their first anniversary, and the wife was very happy and stunned to see a Gold roses .

I think for all those who want to show your feelings, should use Gold rose as it would really show how special and important that person is for you. Sure, love itself will make the people eyes glow, but such a extra gold rose as a present would help you make a gorgeous impact and memories, that could last forever, as the gold rose and its beauty will be staying forever.


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