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A traditional Indian wedding is a perfect way to involve your near and dear ones on that special occasion. Apart from finding the best caterer and the best DJ, it is also important to find that perfect invitation. What every couple looks forward to is to invite people in style.

Indian Wedding

Wedding Invitations are usually selected soon after the guest list is created. Normally, selecting the card 3 to 6 months in advance provides ample time for ordering, hiring the calligrapher, proofreading the content and sending out invitations. Cards which need to be sent via mail must be mailed a couple of month before the wedding so that the guests can save the date and make necessary arrangements.

Invitations are very important for guests, especially if it is sent via mail. It is like a formal introduction and invitation to your party. Indian wedding cards provide guests with the details of the time, date and venue of the wedding.

Numerous functions like Mehendi, Sangeet, Cocktails, etc. are held prior to an Indian wedding. So see that the enclosures are securely attached with the Invitations. Apart from the enclosures some also like to attach the Map of the location to make it easy for guests to find the venue without trouble.

If you are not sure about selecting that perfect Indian wedding card, then start looking for cards on the Internet or at a local Invitation store and smaller printers. This will give you a fair idea of the current trend and also about the colors and styles which make you excited. You can also customize a card you have liked by changing the wording and changing its style. One can also switch colors of the Invitations and match it to the theme of their Wedding Dress. There are several Indian wedding card experts who will cater to your wishes and taste and yet stick to the traditional means. They leave no room to make the wedding card unique and traditional.

There are some who prefer beautiful fabrics to paper for creating Indian wedding cards. Exclusive Paper is not the only option for designing wedding cards; there are many other materials such as Velvet, Tissue, Cloth, etc. which you can consider. Some also choose environmental friendly materials for making their cards widely known as Handmade Papers.

Similarly for printing the wordings some prefer Screen Printing, Foil Printing, Offset Printing and so on. The most commonly used method is Screen Printing, which can also have a raised effect if desired. Consider the method which you like the best or you can consult the Invitation expert.