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Modern wedding invitations can be defined as any invitation which is not “traditional” and would suit couples who are planning a “modern” wedding and wish to move away from more traditional wedding elements.

Modern Wedding
Modern Wedding

Traditionally, wedding invitations were printed mostly on white or ecru paper. Couples did not have many choices with the look of their stationery. Selections were limited in terms of color, and so white was the default color of choice. These days, couples have a wide range of choices which include injecting colors into their stationery and moreover, everything can be custom-made to suit one’s personality and budget.

While traditional wedding cards have not gone out of style, modern wedding cards can be hard to resist. They are quickly gaining popularity these days especially amongst couples who prefer something stylish yet with a contemporary feel.

Using vibrant colors and unique patterns in your wedding cards is one way of putting a modern twist in something that is typically traditional. Choosing modern wedding cards allows you to play with colors without really going overboard. You can try turquoise and brown, peach with green, or red and black. The choice is yours. You can combine different colors to make your modern wedding invitations really pop!

Incorporating some unique patterns on your invitations is also a great way to add a modern touch! Paisley and damask are popular choices, but you can always play with any pattern that invokes a contemporary feel. Keep in mind the theme of your wedding to make selecting patterns and colors a lot easier.

Another great thing about modern invitations is that they allow couples to come up with more personalized designs simply by using embellishments that go with the theme of their wedding. Ribbons, shells, buckles and even dried flowers on your wedding invitations make them more interesting and appealing.

Traditional wedding invites are known for having formal invitation wording. Modern wedding cards, however, allow more freedom for couples in expressing themselves. You are not limited by your choice of wording, but make sure to check the guidelines on what is appropriate.

There are practically no limits when it comes to choosing the designs for your modern wedding invitations.That is really why they have gained popularity throughout the years!