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The merriest day of the year, “The Christmas” has established its strong foundation to rule happiness. People exchange lot of extravaganzas to share their joy with friends, family, relatives, and a lot more of them. The most common way is to send a customized christmas card wishing a happy christmas.

Pathway of a Customized Christmas card:

  • Greeting cards dates back to the most noted country China. All this started in a new-year. People of China found it interesting to share blessings and wishes on any special occasion.
  • Early Egyptians were the first to convey greetings using early papers.
  • Christmas Cards originated in England. Children started such a practice as a skill development test given by their master in school. Therefore, they gave hand written decorated cards to their parents to wish them and show them they are excelling in academics.
  • In 1843, Sir Henry Cole commissioned the first commercial customized christmas cards in London.
  • In 1953, White House published its official customized christmas card in the presence of President Eisenhower.
  • Now the trend is all about e- customized christmas card. E- customized christmas cards became more famous due to their

    1. animation works
    2. instant mail to acquaintants
    3. well skilled interactive mode of customized card design
    4. Speaks for you to the beloveds.

Tips for Deciding Card:

  • Try to get packs of those cards together from a collections shop.
  • Decide the type of members you’re going to mail the christmas card to,

    1. Kids-Choose funny customized christmas cards, animated christmas cards (so that they can understand well)
    2. Elderly-Classic customized christmas cards which purely depicts spirits of christmas
  • Try getting also individual customized christmas cards in accordance with the individuals you are going to mail.
  • Also, consider your budget as individual customized christmas cards would make you pay more.
  • It is difficult to choose a good one fitting all your budget, taste and holiday mood.

Tips for Designing Your Customized Christmas card:

  • One of the best things is to design our own card. This would add a satisfaction to get that exactly what you are looking for. One can write their own wishes and comments when it comes to designing your own card. You can decide it depending on the mailing list type.
  • Select good designs from computer or get a rough sketch of layout of the customized christmas card. Make it colorful with paints and silk stitch works.
  • People who really love you would definitely cherish the personal touch in your christmas card.
  • Whatever the customized christmas card you get never, forget to add loving lines of yours to touch your loved ones with your own hands. This special note would take them to the heights of joy.
  • One can also have photos of the family members taken and designed with christmas effect of red ribbon, Santa Claus clipping, or Christmas tree clipping.

Tips to Sign Your Customized Christmas card:

  • Let all the family members sign the christmas card
  • Ask the kids to place velvets,stickers,lipstick kisses, designs on the christmas card as their note of love
  • This would make your customized christmas card as a memento saved for long.

Sending Customized Christmas cards:

  • Initially list out all the recipients. Let this include those to whom to wish to send your card and those from whom you received a christmas card.
  • Now segregate this into three sections.

    1. definite-must send
    2. wish-want to send
    3. Indefinite-would like to send.
  • Get the cards as early as possible and get the correct amount of postage.
  • Confirm the recipient final list.
  • Now decide a date to mail and work according to that.


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